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BEFORE YOU EAT PUSSY you better have a mental Nutrition Fact in mind.
Std 0%
Smell Good 100%
Don’t Look suspicious 100%
Not on Period 100%
bumps and blisters 0%
Vitamin Tight vagina 90%

  -  30 March



destroy the idea that clothing has gender

nah. i aint tryna see a nigga in leggings and uggz. clothing has gender

Sweet Lord baby jesus, Ezra looked so fucking hot,handsome,beautiful, and magnificent in his tux at the academy awards. I think i can die happily now…


white people literally be like ”i’m not racist you fucking nigger”

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Men who actively dislike women wearing bright red lipstick are weak and will not survive the winter.

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White Person: It’s a terrible word, I don’t think anybody should say it!

Translation: If we can’t say nigga, it should be illegal. 

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